Benchmark Scientific has been a leading supplier of benchtop lab equipment for motion technology and temperature control. Benchmark Scientific supplying a full line of shakers, hotplates, and vortex mixers has grown to include centrifuges, incubators, homogenizers, and various types of temperature baths for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical-device, home, and personal-care industries.
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0.2ml Adapter pack, 6/pk.

Catalogue: C1008-A2-6

0.2ml Adapter pack, 8/pk.

Catalogue: C1008-A2-8

0.5ml Adapter pack, 6/pk.

Catalogue: C1008-A5-6

0.5ml Adapter pack, 8/pk.

Catalogue: C1008-A5-8

1 x 15ml tube holder, pack of 2

Catalogue: R4040-150

1 x 50ml tube holder, pack of 2

Catalogue: R4040-500

100mM dNTP Set, dATP, dGTP, dTTP, dCTP, 1ml/100µmol of each

Catalogue: PR3101-S-4

100mM dNTP Set, dATP, dGTP, dTTP, dCTP, 250µl /25µmol of each

Catalogue: PR3101-S-1

12 x 15ml fixed angle rotor for Sprint™ 6H Plus

Catalogue: C3303-1215

12-Channel Manifold

Catalogue: MW9600-12CM

12v vehicle power adapter

Catalogue: BSH100-A12

40mM dNTP Mix (10mM/20µmol each), 0.5ml

Catalogue: PR3040-M-1

40mM dNTP Mix (10mM/80µm each), 2ml

Catalogue: PR3040-M-4

5ml Pipette Tips, 250/pk

Catalogue: P7700-T5M-BS

5ml Tube holder

Catalogue: D2400-R5

6 x 15ml horizontal rotisserie, 1 ea

Catalogue: R4040-HZ15

6 x 50ml horizontal rotisserie, 1 ea

Catalogue: R4040-HZ50