Laboratory equipment is necessary for operations in various laboratories, including synthesis and analysis. Due to exposure to rigorous chemical and physical influences, laboratory equipment must not only provide accurate measurements but also possess longevity and guarantee user safety. Laboratory Disposable Products offers a vast selection of dependable and precise laboratory equipment, catering to both large-scale needs, such as Balances, Centrifuges and many more.

Balance (528)

Calibration Weights (111)

Centrifuges (270)

Corning (2440)

Desiccators (35)

Electrophoresis (50)

Equipment Accessories (130)

Freezers (229)

Glas-Col (1527)

Glove Boxes (40)

Heating Mantles (27)

Homogenizers (33)

Hotplates & Stirrers (145)

Rockers (13)

Rotary Evaporators (65)

Small Equipment (352)

Thermo Scientific (2637)

Thermometers (84)

Vacuum (32)

Vortex Mixers (66)