Accuris Instruments and Accuris Life Science Reagents are divisions of Benchmark Scientific created to develop a separate focus on new product lines into the areas of precision liquid handling, laboratory weighing, electrophoresis, and PCR reagents. While Benchmark Scientific has become a market leader in lab shakers, incubators and small centrifugation products. Laboratory Disposable Products (LDP) provides a full range of premier quality products and services from Accuris for the advancement of your laboratory. Laboratory Disposable Products top-rated customer service team strive to ensure that you get the right product, where you need it and when you need it at very competitive prices.

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Accuris SmartDoc 2.0 Imaging Enclosure

Catalogue: E5001-SD AC


Accuris™ UV Transilluminator

Catalogue: E3000


Accuris™ UV Transilluminator, 230V input

Catalogue: E3000-E


Compact Anti Static Ionizer

Catalogue: W3120 AC


Graduated, PC collection bottle (included)

Catalogue: V0020-BOT AC


Orange viewing cover

Catalogue: E5001-OC AC


SmartBlue™ Mini Transilluminator

Catalogue: E4100


SmartBlue™ Replacement Amber Cover

Catalogue: E4000-AC AC


SmartBlue™ Transilluminator

Catalogue: E4000


SmartBlue™ Transilluminator, 230V input

Catalogue: E4000-E