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10ml Pipette Tips, 100/pk

Catalogue: P7700-T10M


5ml Pipette Tips, 100/pk

Catalogue: P7700-T5M


Accuris SmartDoc 2.0 Imaging Enclosure

Catalogue: E5001-SD


Accuris™ F1 grade calibration weight set 1mg to 200g

Catalogue: W1100-200


Compact Anti Static Ionizer

Catalogue: W3120


Extra paper rolls for MR9600-TP printer, pk/4

Catalogue: MR9600-PA


Extra tubing set, 1 meter

Catalogue: V0020-TB


Graduated, PC collection bottle (included)

Catalogue: V0020-BOT


Handheld vacuum controller with single channel adapters

Catalogue: V1002


Hydrophobic filter, pk/1 ( 1 each included)

Catalogue: V0020-F1


NextPette™ Carousel

Catalogue: P7700-CAR


Optional eight channel adapter, fine tip stainless steel

Catalogue: V1002-S8